Snyder & Hank Snyder (left) and Hank (right)

Snyder & Hank

Breeds: Chow Mix (Snyder) and Shepherd-Collie Mix (Hank)

Owner Name: Garry Shepherd

Adoption Years:  2005 (Snyder) and 2010 (Hank)

Adoption Story:
The chow mix was picked out by my son (our youngest).  It was love at first sight and he named him Snyder after Dan Snyder.  We had met Dan at a Read to Succeed event. 

When our oldest dog passed away we needed someone to keep Snyder company.  Our youngest daughter and my wife picked out a skinny, long, shepherd-collie mix and named him Hank.  I have no idea how the name came about.

They are both happy and healthy (that little, long, skinny pup is now over 90 lbs.)  We love them dearly.



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