Maddie, Demon, & Irish

Breeds: Shepherd Border Collie (Maddie), Shepherd Aketa (Demon), Rhodesian Ridgeback Beagle Mix (Irish)

Owner Names: Jennifer and Jim Booth

Adoption Years: 2001 (Maddie), 2005 (Demon), 2009 (Irish)

Adoption Story:
We have always had two dogs and recently had lost one. We were season ticket holders at the time and naturally at the game with Adopt-a-Dog. I would like to say that we found Maddie, but it seems she found with all our dogs. When we found her we knew she would be a perfect fit for our family. A few years later we lost our oldest dog and thought it would be a good time to get another. I remember sitting on the floor as the dogs were coming in and this big black dog with a corkscrew tail came running right to me. That's when we found Demon (named after the dog from SnowDogs). We could tell that he had not had a good start, but my husband knew he would be a good dog. He never left my side. Then a few months later we fell in love with this adorable 4-week-old puppy. We thought she was a golden retreiver, so we were surprised when she started to grow and so did this Ridge on her back. When we brought Irish into our home it was as if our Pack was complete. Demon had a playmate and Maddie had someone for Demon to play with since she was getting older. We now have two 5-year-old girls and they are absolutely in love with all our dogs. The dogs are very protective of our girls and happy that they are finally old enough to play with. My husband and I are big believers that our dogs are not just pets...they are a part of our family.


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