Breed: Labrador-Shepherd and Mix

Owner Name: Lydia Rypcinski and John Machonga

Adoption Year: 2003


Adoption Story:
Lucy was "Ana" when we adopted her at the Chicago Wolves' 2003 home opener. But for a dog with flaming red hair, little white socks and a bushy tail that looked like the tip had been dipped into white paint, "Ana" seemed too tame a name. She needed something livelier, so we named her "Lucy" after Lucille Ball and John's Aunt Lucy.

Since then, Lucy has pretty much become princess of the household. She likes to chase the three cats and lord it over our other rescue dog, a smaller dog named "Baron," that she's No. 1 in the dog hierarchy: 'This is my sofa, these are my toys, this is my bowl ...You can have whatever isn't mine, and it's all mine.' She loves lying in our backyard for hours during the summer, in the shade of a massive Chinese elm, watching over her "empire."

And like the TV Lucy, sometimes she's got some "'splainin' to do."

Lucy wears one of the special Chicago Wolves dog collars during the hockey season for good luck. She was the first dog to become a member of the "Skates Mates" club and the only dog ever to attend the annual "Skates Mates" party – before they found out that "Lucy Machonga" was actually a dog.

Lucy is a good and loyal watch dog, a fascinating companion, and a wonderful gift. Thanks, Chicago Wolves and Mr. Levin, for bringing her into our lives Oct. 12, 2003.

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