Breed: Cane Corso Mastiff Mix

Owner Name: Michelle Young

Adoption Year: April 11, 2009

gracie upside downI came to the Wolves game with about 15 family members and I had been looking into shelters to adopt a dog and knew it was Adopt-A-Dog night. My parents had adopted a dog, Wrigley, about 7-8 years earlier.  I saw Gracie (with her gorgeous grey coat) and thought she was a beautiful dog.  Lots of people were around her and she was very calm.  I went back to my seat and thought about it.  Then, the Ice Crew put her on the big screen to get people to adopt.  I turned to my mom and said "I have to get her now!".  By the time I went out to the lobby someone was talking to the Coordinator about adopting her, but they wanted to come see her at the shelter the following day.  The Coordinator said "no" then asked me who I was interested in.  I said "Gracie" and he said fill out the forms and come see him.  So I did.  I was able to adopt Gracie and take her home that evening.  

She is the BEST dog.  Although she's 96 lbs., she thinks she a lap dog and just want to snuggle and play all day!  She is great with kids and all dogs.  She brings a smile to my face every time I talk or think about her.  She is my baby!


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