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All season long I've been asked these three questions: Who left the note? Will he propose? Is he really a born-again virgin.

I was right on two of them and the third one about Sean being a born-again virgin? I just laugh. There is no such thing as a born-again virgin. You are either a virgin or not a virgin. You can't just wake up one day and say, "Well, I've been born-again and I'm a virgin." You either had sex or chose not to, or just can't wheel. So with that being said, no, Sean is not a born-again virgin.

This final week, Sean, Catherine and Lindsay are still in Thailand and the girls get to meet Sean's family.  Sean told his family that he can picture both of them being his wife and can picture his life with both of them. His mom says that he should already know whom he's going to propose to if he was really in love with someone. I agree with his mom. Really, anybody can picture their life with anyone. I think that if you really love someone, you can't picture your life without them.


Catherine was first to meet Sean's family. The interview with the whole family was a success. The following day Lindsay gets her chance to meet her potential family. She sounded like she was being fake, but I'm sure ABC did some editing to portray that. Who knows?

How does Sean not know whom he's going to propose to? Proposing isn't just asking someone to go out with you and be your girlfriend. I'm pretty sure it means you are asking the other person to spend the rest of their life with you. I think there is a little bit of a difference. The hottest girl on the show is Sean's sister. Even Sean's mom is hot too.

Sean takes each girl on one last date before he makes his decision. At this point, I have no idea who he's picking. Part of me says he will make the safe bet and chose Lindsay. The other part of me says he will take the wild one: Catherine.


It's kind of like LeBron James’ decision when he picked Miami over Cleveland. Everyone thought he would stick with his hometown Cleveland, but he ended up taking his talents to Miami. I think Sean should take his talents to Catherine and win a championship. I think with Lindsay he will have a boring life, similar to people in Cleveland.

Rose Ceremony

Usually the first person to step out of the limo is the person who is getting gassed and in this season, it was Lindsay. It was a tough breakup with Lindsay and she was definitely shocked. Sean told her that he loves her and he doesn't have an answer on why he's sending her home. She asked Sean, "Was it me?" Sean then walked her to the limo and that was that.

Before Catherine arrived, Chris Harrison gave Sean a note. This was the mysterious note that people talked about all season long. I remember Catherine saying several episodes ago that she always gives Sean notes, so if you were paying attention then you would have guessed Catherine was the one who wrote the mystery letter at the end. It was a beautifully written letter about their past and what the future holds.

Everyone was skeptical about whether or not he will propose and, well, he did. Catherine accepted the final rose and is your winner. Sean said it was the best day of his life. Really? You broke up with a girl who you told you loved and seven minutes later you proposed to a girl you met seven weeks ago. What a day! Thank God Catherine is awesome. True beauty.

After the Final Rose

Sean said it was the toughest decision he's ever had to make. Sean told Lindsay that he didn't have a valid reason why she wasn't the one. He knew after their last one-on-one date that Catherine was the one for him.

Catherine later came out and gave her two cents on their relationship. She and Sean are wasting no time and are getting married soon. They also announced that they want their wedding to be broadcast on ABC. Sean is a mooch. He gets a free wedding ring and then the wedding paid for by ABC. He's a brilliant mooch, actually.

Chris Harrison announced at the end of the show that the new Bachelorette is Desiree. Who from ABC made this final decision? If you’re reading this, then give me a call and tell me why you decided on her. I think she will be a terrible Bachelorette. This show needs someone who has talent in the chest as well as someone not lame like her. She doesn’t have a great personality and she has that one tooth that really irritates me. I expect it to be brutal like Emily's season, but don't listen to me: I'm just a blogger. @mick1919 wants me to write a blog for that, what do you guys think??

This season is finally over with and I feel that it turned out to be pretty decent compared to all the other seasons. Sean is too nice of a guy and was very smart when choosing his words with girls, so there wasn't much to really make fun of.

Thank you to everyone who followed my blog weekly.  Hope you enjoyed this season and see you all next season!

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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 9 Recap The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 9 Recap

This is the week of the "fantasy suites" and it's always so awkward when they are asked if they would like to use it for the night. I always wonder exactly what goes on in that suite and if any weird fantasies actually happen. ABC should partner with HBO and broadcast just the Fantasy Suite Night on HBO. Genius. Anyway, here's what went down…

All the girls were interviewed and said they weren’t sure whether they would go into the fantasy suite and asked themselves, "Is that really me?”  Oh, OK. Please, I'm sure you've had a one-night stand before and I’m sure you didn't regret that, so why even question yourself about this one? You're one of three girls left in this competition. If you don't hop on the good foot and do the bad thing, then you will be gassed.

"It's not one of my values". HA! You’re just saying that because you don't want America to think you are a slut, but you probably are. It's hilarious because people view the girls as sluts, but Sean as a "stud."

Sean said his relationship with Ashlee is the strongest of the three.

One on One: Lindsay

Walked around a market in Thailand and ate bugs. Just a typical date a week before a potential engagement.

Sean said, "Our relationship was a spark and now has turned into a massive flame."

One on One: AshLee

The two embarked on a journey through a cave to a beach. Pretty scary swim, but a really cool private beach. Only way to it is to swim through the cave.

"I see her in the end," Sean told us.

One on One: Catherine

Lindsay ate bugs and Ashlee swam through a dark cave, so I was expecting Catherine to do something out of the ordinary. Nope. Got the easy way out and went snorkeling.

Sean told Catherine, “I can see myself marrying you."

Catherine said, "I truly know he will treat me like a lady." What do you expect? For him to treat you like a man?

Rose ceremony

Sean said he is in love with one of the girls. Well, then how about you gas the other girl immediately? 

Each girl left Sean a private video message. I love how ABC calls it "private" when the whole world sees it.

AshLee's was very touching and brought a tear to Sean's eye.

Sean said that he's worried about the girl whom he sends home not being OK.  Why would you even care, Sean? You have said that you will propose to a girl in the end. In real life, if you’re two weeks away from proposing to someone, you aren't worried about other girls. Nor are you asking two other girls to spend a night in a fantasy suite. 

Sean was interviewed and said, "My other two relationships are stronger." 

Sean sent AshLee home and that was quite shocking after telling her that he thought they had the strongest relationship. But then he was later quoted, "My other two relationships are stronger." Weird.

Sean told AshLee he thought she was the one from the beginning. He thinks the world of her. He told her a bunch of other stuff that he wanted her to hear, but she didn't care. She didn't say one word. Tough decision and Sean was definitely hurt by letting her go, but that's the price you got to pay to be The Bachelor.

AshLee looked unbelievable at the rose ceremony in that dress. She could be a potential bachelorette. Awesome girl.



My winner 


Chicago Wolves Picks

Eleven guys think Sean will pick Catherine while 13 predict Lindsay to be this season’s winner. We were going to have the losers buy lunch for the winners, but we remembered that Eddie Lack still owes the boys lunch due to many, many issues we have with him. Just ask him what those are. Tweet him at @eddielack

Next week is Women Tell-All, which is always a season highlight. I'm looking forward to seeing Tierra get roasted as well as Kristy with a K.

Special shoutout to Patricia and Rob for supporting the blog and the Wolves! Thanks for the support! 

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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 8 Recap The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 8 Recap

I have never been a fan of the hometown dates. It seems like every year it is the same conversations between the bachelor and bachelorette. It's getting too repetitive.

Then, at the end of each of the dates, the bachelor or bachelorette asks the parents for permission to propose. Always an awkward conversation and it’s hilarious because they are asking for permission to marry just weeks after meeting each other. This may be my shortest blog ever, but here's how it all went down:

AshLee: Houston, Texas

Sean told AshLee that he will always protect her and that he loves what they have.

Ashlee said, "I've been dreaming of this day since I was 4 or 5 years old." Oh, you have, huh? You dreamed that you would go on the show at the age of 32 because you knew you wouldn't find anyone.

Sean asked AshLee’s dad for permission to marry his daughter and her father says, “Yes.” Who in their right mind would let their daughter marry a guy who she met on a reality show? And only has known him for five weeks? And the guy is dating three other women?

You can definitely tell that gorgeous AshLee is not related to her mom. Holy crap! Nice lady but, wow, that lady is not a looker. I never say that about people, but I couldn’t let this slide.

Catherine: Seattle, Wash.

I've said this before, but these two are always having a great time laughing and giggling.

Her sisters told Sean how close they are to Catherine and then three minutes later they were telling him how big of a slob she is. How can you be close to someone and then dis them on national television? After having egg rolls and Crab Rangoon for dinner, Sean asked Catherine’s mother for permission to propose and he never received an answer.

Lindsay: Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

Sean was very nervous to meet Lindsay’s father because he is a general in the U.S. Army. Not sure why because it's not like the guy was going to shoot him or anything.

After talking with Lindsay's dad, he gets permission to marry her. Sean should have told him that another father also gave him permission to marry another girl.

Desiree: Los Angeles

We all remember the joke Sean played on Desiree at the beginning of the season in the art museum and now it's Desiree's turn to get him back.

She had an actor knock on the door while her and Sean were hanging out at her house and he acted as if he were her ex-boyfriend. The man told Desiree he loved her and that's when Sean started to get heated. After a few moments, Desiree told Sean it was a joke. It was actually a good prank.

Desiree’s parents and brother came over to her house for dinner and their one-on-one meetings with Sean. It all went great, but the brother definitely ruined it for her. He called Sean a "playboy" and didn't think Sean was into her. Part of me thinks that ABC told the brother to do it, but who knows?

Rose Ceremony

Lindsay and AshLee both received roses. When it came to the final rose, Sean was stumped and had to walk away. Chris Harrison gave Sean some of the best advice that one could ever give someone: "My advice to you is get this thing right. You don't want to be wrong." Hey, Chris, thanks for that. Sean wanted to get it wrong and you saved him!

Sean came back and gave Catherine the rose, which meant Desiree was headed home to kick her brother in the groin. It was time for Desiree to go. I liked her about five episodes ago and each episode since then she has kind of annoyed me. Not sure why. When it was all said and done, I don't think her brother’s attitude toward Sean had anything to do with Des leaving.

Who's left?


My Final Two


I predict AshLee to go home after this week. Nothing wrong with AshLee, I just think he has a better connection with the other two. At least that's what ABC has been showing.

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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 7 Recap The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 7 Recap

The crew finally heads south to the tropical island of St. Croix. This only means more of shirtless Sean. This is a big week for Sean and the girls as we head into hometown dates. The six girls left are the ones who I thought would be in contention for hometown dates. Here's what happened this week:

First One-on-One

Sean picks up AshLee and the two take a private boat out to a private island. Sean is just so romantic and has so much money to do all of this. Spent the day on the island and had a dinner on the oceanside. At one point, Sean asked AshLee what the deal was with Tierra. AshLee told it all to him. Sean described the date as "sexy and romantic." AshLee said she had something important to tell. She built it up like it was a big deal, but it ended up being she was married at the age of 17 and divorced at 19. I thought she was going to say she had a kid. Anyway, Sean didn't care. AshLee told Sean she loved him at the end of the night.

Second One-on-One


Tierra finally gets her one-on-one and she still found a way to complain. She and Sean walked around the city of St. Croix. Sean later confronts Tierra about the drama in the house and why she's not getting along with the girls. She pretty much blames the girls because she's perfect. Then at night she tells Sean she's falling in love with him.

Group Date


Catherine, Desiree and Lindsay get woken up by Sean at 4:30 a.m. and had five minutes to get ready and that's tough to do for a girl. The girls should have seen this coming, ABC does this every year. The girls and Sean drive across the island to watch the sunrise and make their way back throughout the day while making various stops. They make it back just in time to swim in the ocean and watch the sunset.

I would like to know what girl peed in the ocean and how many times. I know Desiree did because of the face she was making. Definitely a pee face.  I feel one of these three girls will be the one Sean proposes to. Sean said, "Catherine and I can be goofy and weird and within a second be serious and intimate." Any girl that brings out the goofy side in a guy means the guy is really into her. Catherine = Final Two pick for me!

Desiree said, "My family means like everything to me." She has said this before and it's annoying. Your family is supposed to mean everything to you and if they don't, seek counseling.  Lindsay gets the group rose, which means she's guaranteed to show Sean off to her family.

Last One-on-One

Lesley and Sean explored Estate Mount Washington Plantation. Not sure what the heck that is, but it was a very relaxing date. Lesley seemed very nervous to make any type of move and you could tell the two weren't connecting much. Lesley thought so. Sean’s view of the relationship is way different than Lesley's. Lesley is an awesome girl. Very cute, fun, and what makes her most attractive is her confidence. Lesley told Sean she's falling in love with him. Lesley did not get a rose at the rose ceremony and was therefore sent home. She could be a potential Bachelorette.

Sean flies his sister, Shay, down to talk about a few things and asks what he should do. It's always nice to get another perspective of things and your family members are always the right people to ask. Shay tells Sean, "Just don't pick the girl who doesn't get along with the other girls."  While that's going on, back at the house, Tierra calls out AshLee about saying something to Sean. Tierra claims AshLee sabotaged her relationship with Sean. It was a very heated argument.

Quotes that stood out to me from Tierra included, "Girls are jealous of me and men love me" and "My mom told me I have a sparkle and don't let those girls take that sparkle." What in the world does that mean?

Sean shows up as Tierra is crying, as usual, and he listens to her vent about how hard it is for her.  Sean steps outside and when he comes back in, he tells Tierra it's best if she leaves. On the way out, Sean asked another million-dollar question to Tierra as she's bawling: "Are you going to be OK?" No, Sean, she's not. You kicked her off the show and she lost her sparkle.

This might be my favorite Tierra quote: While in the car bawling her eyes out after being sent home because it's too hard for her and she's not getting along with other girls, etc., Tierra says, "He didn't want me here anymore. That's OK. I'm STRONG and I'll get through it." If she was so strong, then she would have gotten through the drama in the house.

Sent home


Hometown Dates


My Final Two


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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 5 & 6 Recap The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 5 & 6 Recap

Bachelor Episode 5

The girls and Sean head off to Montana this week. Being the outdoors type of guy, Sean wanted to be outside.  That's great, but how about you take them somewhere tropical so we can see the girls in swimsuits? This week was another episode.

One on One

Sean and Lindsay attended a concert in the town square of Whitefish, Montana. Hundreds of people were there watching them slow dance on a stage in the middle of the street. It was kind of romantic and Sean did a heck of a job planning it by himself. Something like this clearly brings two people closer together.

Lindsay, who we thought was crazy on the first episode for wearing a wedding dress, is now in my Top 4, which means I see her getting a hometown date. (Side note: She was wearing a white jacket and I think white jackets are sexy. So if you think you are having a terrible hair day, just put on a white jacket.)

Group Date


Another date that included a "Winners Stay, Losers Leave" contest. The girls competed in a "Lumberjack" race that consisted of canoeing, stacking hay, chopping wood and milking a goat. At the end, one person had to drink the goat milk. That ended up being Desiree. Des, Sarah, Robyn and Selma got to stay with Sean. The Blue team lost because Daniella clearly didn't have the skills to milk a goat.

Sean and the Red Team headed out for drinks and because he felt bad for sending the Blue Team home, he invited them back. Selma was not happy about that. She even said, "We put everything we had into that race." Oh, come on, Selma. A one-armed girl did it, how hard could it have been?

Tierra later showed up on the date because she wanted to see Sean. Yeah, she’s crazy, but this move was done by ABC. She was never seen by the other girls --- only Sean. If it wasn’t for Tierra, this season would be Tierr-able.

Daniella gets the Group Date rose. She's awful.

Two-on-one Date

This date is always awkward because whoever doesn't get the rose is off the show. Sean spent the day horseback riding with Jackie and Tierra. The date was over before it even started. Tierra was given the rose and Jackie went home.

Bachelor Episode 6

Now the group heads to Banff, Alberta. What a gorgeous place and we are finally seeing these girls wear some bathing suits! Here's how it all went down…

One on One

We finally get to see Catherine and it ended up being in a snowsuit in Jasper National Park. Besides Sean picking her up in a snow bus, this was a very realistic date. Sean and Catherine played in the snow and just had a good time.

At night, they went on a horse and carriage ride and were dropped off at an ice castle where they hung out and made out all night. Catherine told Sean a sad story about when she was 12, she and her friend were on a walk, a tree fell and her friend died. Tough break. This is a prime example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Catherine was given a rose. I predict her getting a hometown date. When she and Sean are together, Sean seems more real. He always is saying how much he wants to cuddle with her. He also laughs with her more than anyone else. We will see much more of her.

Group Date

Sean, Tierra, Lindsay, Sarah, Selma, Lesley, Daniella, and AshLee canoed across Lake Louise. I went there when I was 13 and it is beautiful! On the other side of the lake, they decided to do a Polar Bear Plunge. Yeah, jumping into freezing water must be safe! Smart move, ABC. Selma was the bright one and didn't jump in, but everyone else did.

seanandtierrainbed--3322790101649223782Tierra didn't want to go, but sacked up anyway and jumped in. Hypothermia got the best of Tierra -- no joke. Everyone thought she was faking it for attention and she probably was. She was carried back to the hotel by ABC’s finest medical interns. Sean told her to stay at the hotel and get better, but we all knew she wasn't going to. She ended up showing up to the nightly cocktail party to see Leslie get the rose.

After the group cocktail party, Sean went to the girls’ hotel and pulled Sarah aside.  He told her it wasn't working out. We all knew she wasn't going to last. She is cute, but lacks confidence and complains too much about having one arm. Sean probably was told by ABC that he had to show up at the hotel to cut someone just to give the show some more spice.

Sean kept asking Sarah on the way out, "Are you OK? You OK? Are you sure you’re OK?" No, Sean, she's not. She has one arm and you just sent her home unexpectedly.

One on One


This is Desiree's second date with Sean and the other girls are jealous. This date was another one of ABC’s "Test Your Fears." Sean and Des propelled down the side of a cliff and had a picnic at the bottom. These two have a good connection and we will see her in a hometown date.

Cocktail Party

This was just another boring/predictable night, so here's what stood out to me:

Selma said she had to "bring out the guns tonight." Apparently when she said that, she meant giving Sean a kiss, I thought she was talking about the amount of cleavage she was showing.

Sean asked Lindsay to tell him a secret and she said, "I sleep naked." That just might have booked her a trip back home for a hometown date.

My Hometown Date Picks


Sent Home


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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 4 Recap The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 4 Recap

Once again, the episode starts off with Sean having his shirt off. This season has been terrible to watch so far, especially this past episode. I think it has something to do with how boring these dates are. Whatever happened to the contestants heading off to a private island or some tropical place? This season they haven't left the city, really. Hope it picks up, because it's losing my attention.


Sean (a conservative Christian) picks up Selma (who was born a Muslim) in a limo where they get dropped off at a private jet and they head to Joshua Tree National Park. Yes, Sean took an Iraqi to a desert but only because he wanted her to feel like she was at home.

The two went rock climbing and later had dinner at an RV park. Besides the limo and private jet, this was a very boring date but Selma was able to keep my attention. She told America that she weighs 110 pounds. Could weigh more if there was anything in her brain.

Selma told Sean she wanted to kiss him, but she couldn't because it’s against her religion to kiss on television and her mom would kill her. Why would she come on The Bachelor? Sean gave her a rose, but I bet that's the last one she receives.

Group Date

bach ep4-derbySean decided it would be sexy if he took the girls to Roller Derby. Not to watch, but to actually do it. Right away I knew this wasn't going to go over well when I saw Sarah on the date. Who's the dummy at ABC that thought it would be good for her to go on this date? She was crying and I felt so bad for her, but she persevered through it after Sean talked to her. Nice girl and I feel sorry for her, but she's getting annoying. She won't be on much longer.

Amanda said she has done Roller Derby but I disagree. This girl’s teeth are HUGE as well as her head. She looks like a horse at the Kentucky Derby. Maybe she raced there. Anyways, she face-planted and I'm not sure how she didn't chip a tooth with how big they are. She went to the hospital and I wonder if ABC is paying for all these medical bills?

Later that night Sean took the girls to a hotel for wine and make-out sessions. This is where Tierra put on her drama display.  She even told us, “I hate drama." So basically she hates herself.  Tierra gets crazier every episode and I hope she doesn't stick around much longer. I don't even know what Sean sees in her, her butt is the size of Texas. She got the rose on the group date because she threatened to leave.

Before the end of the date, Amanda came back from the hospital. She looked like she ran into a clown on the way to the date and traded outfits with him. When Sean saw her, he said one of the greatest lines in Bachelor history: "Hey, there you are. Let's go spend some time together. How's your mouth feeling?" Just a beautiful comment.

Second One-on-One

Leslie H. finally gets her time with Sean and it was hard to watch. Sean took her to some store to try on dresses or something. I'm not really sure, I was clipping my toenails and that was more interesting to me than this date. Sean didn't give her a rose and sent her packing. Back at the house, the girls saw the intern come in, pick up Leslie's bags and leave. The girls just couldn't believe she was gone and one of them said, "Oh, my god, that's not right." I think it was a great decision. She’s a loser.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Everyone is annoyed that Tierra had a rose because of the stunt she pulled. Just like every other night of the rose ceremony, girls are talking smack and complaining about their alone time. I'm starting to get sick of it.

One girl stood out at this party and it was Catherine. We don't know much about her, but it seems like Sean and his tongue are very interested in her. This is usually the time when the girl who wins it all starts to be shown more. So far we don't know much about her or Daniella. No way does Daniella stay in it any longer, but Catherine is a possibility. We shall see.

Kicked Off

Leslie H. and Amanda

My Top 4

Lesley M

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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 3 Recap The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 3 Recap

Well, we start off the third episode with another glimpse of Sean's abs for the third time in a row. I don't know what's getting more annoying, the cameraman’s love for Sean's abs or Sarah telling us she has one arm. Actually, one is annoying and the other is getting out of hand. OK, moving forward...

First One-on-One: Lesley M

Sean picked up Lesley in his limo just like how every other guy in the world picks up a girl for their first date and the two head to the Guinness Book of World Records Museum. Chris Harrison then came out and said to them, "You two are going to attempt to set the record for the worlds longest on-screen kiss." Sure enough, they broke the record of 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I found this very awkward and kind of stupid, especially with a crowd of random people watching.

Lesley was given a rose after a long make-out session with Sean. I really wish that just one time Sean would make out with a girl all night and then send her home. That would be beautiful.

Group Date


I have to mention this first. When AshLee was interviewed about not being on the group date, this was her response and she was serious: "I'm really glad I'm not on the group date because I'm assuming it's some activity."

Sean met the 12 girls at a non-nude beach and spent part of the day doing beach activities. We all knew this would turn into some type of competition once Chris Harrison showed up. He split the girls into 2 groups for a volleyball game. The winning team spends the evening with Sean while the losers head back to the house.

Team Blue: Kacie, Robyn, Desiree, Amanda, Lindsay, Jackie
Team Red: Leslie H, Catherine, Taryn, Daniella, Tierra and Kristy with a K.

Off the first serve we quickly realized that these girls were not athletic at all. Kristy with a K was horrendous. Sure enough, she was the one who was crying and saying she blew it for her squad. She did and she was about as worthless as a yo-yo with no string. The Red team would have been better off with Sarah but unfortunately she wasn't on the date. Somehow Team Blue was able to capture the victory, thanks to Robyn's serve. Not many people in the world can master the two-handed overhand serve.  

At the end of the night, Lindsay was given the group date rose. There's something about this girl that makes me think she gets a hometown date.

Second One-on-One: AshLee

When Sean arrived at the house to pick up AshLee, Tierra had fallen down a step and was hurt. Paramedics came, put a neck brace on her, and she said she didn't want to go to the hospital. Since girls always get their way, she didn't go. Bottom line, she's a wimp and wanted attention.

Sean and AshLee then went to Six Flags, which was rented out to just the two of them. Sean then told AshLee that two girls will be joining them. Both girls are chronically ill and met through a children's foundation.

This date was without a doubt one of the neatest dates the show has ever thought of. It was very original, besides renting out the entire amusement park for themselves and the private concert by the Eli Young Band. But hearing the story about the two girls who were best friends that never met until that day, and their sickness, was very emotional as well as hearing AshLee's story of being a foster child and then adopted.

When Sean and AshLee were chatting it up later that night, I actually laughed out loud when AshLee said, "Well, I want like as many kids as my husband and I want to have." Mmmmm....what IF she said she didn't want to have as many kids as her husband and her want to have? Figure that one.

AshLee gets a rose and a make-out session. Seems to be the two hottest items at the end of dates.

Cocktail Part/Rose Ceremony

Once again it was a battle among the girls all for one-on-one time with Sean. One girl would be talking and another would come up and say in the most innocent voice, "Can I steeeeeeal him for a second?" First off, it's not "for a second," and second, wait your flipping turn!

Before handing out the roses, Sean pulled Kacie aside and told her that he would much rather remain friends. The two weren't connecting and Kacie was a way different person on this season than Ben's season.

My Top 4

Lesley M

Sent home this week

Taryn: Didn't get too much TV time. My guess is because she was an airhead.
Kacie: Her family would have ruined this one too. Nice girl, sexy, but nice girl.
Kristy with a K: They never showed her one-on-one time with Sean. My guess is because she was trying to sell him either ViSalus Shakes or a Jager shot.

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The Bachelor: Season 17 Ep. 2 Recap Lesley M. gets the race kick-started, sneaking a kiss as she and Sean pose for their cowboy scene.

Welcome back! This week’s episode was just an average episode. These girls haven't shown us their crazy side yet, but don't worry: It will get better.  Let's waste no time and see what happened.

One-on-One Date

129720-5126-ful-jpg 003853Sean whisks Sarah AWAY via helicopter to the top of one of Los Angeles' highest buildings. He holds out a sweet reward: a romantic picnic - but only after the couple free-falls 300 feet to the ground. Photo By Todd Wawrychuk/ABC

Sean picks up Sarah and the two fly off in a helicopter, tour the city and land on top of a building. We all knew the two would end up testing their "fears" and have to jump off the building. The 300-foot jump didn't look too bad, but I'm pretty sure I would have peed down my leg.

Sarah is a sweet girl. Sexy. But she needs to stop telling us she has one arm. We clearly see that. Just stop. Her personality is dull and I think that's why she's still single. I give her looks andher body figure two thumbs up.

How many times is the cameraman going to zoom in on that other arm?

Sarah received a rose as well as a make-out session. I don't see her around much longer.

Group Date

These are the dates I find most entertaining. Girls always complain about "alone time" as well as each other. There were 12 girls on this date and I would name them, but there's too many so I will talk about who stood out.

Sean announced the girls would do a photo shoot and the sexiest girl would be on the cover of a SkyMall Magazine or a book cover. One of those. Well, once it was announced, Kristy flippedand was overly excited. The Jagermeister shot girl said 100times she was "in her element " and, unfortunately, she won and got the book cover. She seems more excited about that than she does about Sean.

The girls seem jealous of Kristy, but that won't be for much longer once they see how she really is. You're all wondering, "Is this how she conducts herself professionally? If so, I'm a little bit concerned for her life after ‘The Bachelor.’ ” It's a totally normal thought. In college when she would introduce herself to people, even teachers, she would say, "Hiiiiiiiiiii, I'm Kristy with a K." That lasted four years. She's a certified creature and themuggle will be gone soon.

Pool Party/Cocktail Party

After the photo shoot, the 12 girls and Sean had a pool party. It quickly turned into one-on-one interview sessions with Sean. Some were awkward and others you could tell the girls were lying. Let me tell you this. When you ask someone a questionand the first word in their response is "Honestly"…they are lying.

This was the worst pool party I've ever seen. Here's who stood out:

Kacie B: Why are we calling her Kacie B when she's the onlyKacie? She was given the group date rose. I'm happy she was given it because it made all the girls furious. Especially Kristy with a K.

Tierra: This girl is a psycho, she’s gotta go. She reminds me of aJagermeister shot girl when you don't buy a shot from them.

Katie: She approached Sean and said she wasn't feeling the situation and that she wanted to go. Sean didn't hesitate and walked her out. Katie mentioned how she wasn't fitting in and I think I know why. Her hair looked like a raccoon was stuck in a bush.

Selma: Well. Grade A (this part was edited my @mick1919 ) Hopefully she stays around for TV ratings. 'Merica

Catherine: This girl has a great personality from the little we've seen of her. She told Sean, "I'm a vegan but I love the beef." I find that hilariously inappropriate.

Amanda: If you don't know which one she is, she is the one who wore the yellow clown outfit. She just forgot to wear the shoes and paint her face. She sat by herself all night. Seriously. All night. She had that look on her face like she was either really irritated with people or she had to fart. I'm going to say it was a combination of her outfit and a bad fart.

Second One-on-One Date

Sean set up a fake art gallery to play a prank on Desiree. To test her personality, he left her in a room alone with what he had told her was a bunch of million-dollar pieces of art. One eventually fell over and cracked and they blamed her. Kind of a weird/dumb prank. Desiree played it cool and, yeah, whatever.

The two went back to Sean's for some dinner and tonsil hockey. The two talked about their families, which I found hilarious. Well, first, Sean starts calling her Des. I guess that's her nickname. Anyway, Des tells Sean that her parents are still in love and have been her whole life. OMG. Theeeen, Des says her dad supports her mom and always will. Double OMG. If her parents don't get the “2013 World’s Best Parents Award,” then I'm going to snap.

Soon after Sean finds out her parents love each other, he doesn't waste any time and gives Des a rose. Then they made out all night. I think she will be in the final 5.

My Top 3


Kacie B


Others with Roses

AshLee, Robyn, Jackie, Leslie M, Selma, Catherine, Leslie H, Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, Amanda and Kristy with a K.

The first few episodes are always a tough watch. But once they trim the fat, it always turns into a beauty. Thanks for reading and remember to send me your thoughts on Twitter @mikegdavies

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The Bachelor Blog is back! Season 17 Ep. 1 Recap The Bachelor Blog is back! Season 17 Ep. 1 Recap

Welcome back, Bachelor fans! I know you're all pretty upset that this season’s bachelor is Sean and not myself. I would bring much more to the table than Sean. However, he still brings plenty.

The Bachelor 2013 Season 17 Episode 1 RecapFrom Dallas, Texas, Sean is a family-oriented man and recently had his heart broken on Emily Maynard's season. He's back for another crack at finding someone and he's in for a treat with his group of girls. Let’s see how this first episode played out.

The show starts off with an awkward scene where Arie gives Sean a kissing lesson. Not sure why Arie was brought in, as him and Sean were not good friends from Emily's season. I think Arie is the last guy Sean should be getting advice from. Arie is an awkward guy who deserves a nice man. Yes, I think that's accurate. When it comes to kissing, Arie looked like a fish when he was kissing Emily. When Arie was explaining what to do with your hands, I was hoping he would just punch himself in the nose. 

Check out The Bachelor Cheat Sheet! >>

Girls who stood out:

Desiree—Finally, someone utilizes that fountain. Genius. I see her going far in the show. Great personality and figure.

Jackie--Very pretty. Voice is annoying but they didn't show much of her, which usually means she will end up going far.

Ashley P—Michigan’s finest. 50 shades of Freak. This broad started booty dancing by herself. I’m surprised the producers didn't make Sean keep her around.

Taryn--The one who looked like she was about to cry because she wasn’t getting her time with Sean. I think it was due to the fact that her dress was too tight. That thing was wrapped on her tighter than an airport sandwich.

Tierra—Family-oriented and so is Sean, so this might work. She received a rose after stepping out of the limo because she had an opened heart tattooed on her finger and she said it’s because she's looking for someone to close it. I see her in it for a while.

Lindsay--What a beauty. Says she's "got balls"... and it wouldn't surprise me. Although she was smashed, she still managed to get a rose.

Robyn--Steps out of the limo and was so happy to see Sean, she did a backflip and landed on her dome. If I were Sean, I would have ran over to her, picked her up, put her in the trunk.

AshLee--It was very emotional when she was talking about being in six different foster homes and then eventually get taken in by her current family.

Diana--Divorced mother of two. History tells me she doesn't stand a chance

Kristy --Let me just say that I know Kristy from college and she’s a nice lady. I don’t think she made herself likeable by saying "Best in the Midwest." She sells shakes that apparently make you lose weight. Of course, if I was a chick with curb appeal and nice set of you-know-what, I could sell bacon to a pig. So far she's showed us her cockiness and nothing else. The show says she's a model, but she's a model who sells Jagermeister shots. Nice girl, hope she does well.

Sarah--I thought she was the most likeable. Carried herself with class.

Kelly--If she was something other than orange, she would be a 10. Didn't receive a rose.

Last one out of the Limo was Kacie B. My favorite girl from Ben’s season. Her dress is teddy but her body is rockin’. Will her and Sean hit it off? I don't think so.

Handing out the roses throughout the night made it very entertaining and added tension among the girls.

Girls who received Roses


And just think: Somewhere out there, there are 20 dads just beaming with pride. Yeah, not really.

My Top 3

Tierra, Desiree, Kacie

Next week will be a treat since the show moves more toward the house and one-on-one dates. More drama and tears. Send me your choice this week of who you think Sean will pick!


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The Bachelor: Finale Recap

Finally one of the worst seasons of The Bachelor has come to an end. It was led by a man with a terrible haircut and filled with helicopters, losers, and terrible outfits.


Everyone left a winner --- except Jamie. She lost her dignity and she left as one of the worst kissers ever to appear on this show. Courtney got her name out there and Ben went skinny-dipping for the first time. Ben became the first Bachelor to go the entire season without a shower or combing his hair.

Final Dates

Lindzi had the first family interview in Switzerland with Ben's mom and Ben's sister, Judge Julia.

“Lindzi is the total package," stated Ben's mom. I forget what his sister said about Lindzi because I was trying to figure out what in the heck she was wearing. Ponchos are in this year, and so are capes.

Ben seems like he doesn't like anyone but himself, which is delusional because he ain't that much to like. Ben found a couch on the side of the road in Switzerland that hadn’t moved in 30 years, cut it up, and sewed a sweater. Looked like something the Brady Bunch would wear. Far out!

Judge Julia wasn't thrilled about hearing Courtney was a model or having one as a sister-in-law. Then, when Courtney arrived for her family interview, Julia was "blown away" by Courtney's impression and really liked her.
Ben's mother also said, "Courtney was a very kind person and I can tell she really cares for Ben." There should have been a camera at Ben's house while the season was going on, just so we could see the look on his mother's and sister's faces when Courtney was in the house with the girls.
On Ben and Courtney's last night, she gave him a scrapbook that the producers gave to her. The whole scene she looked like she was putting on an act. Every time she talks in her baby talk, I just want to give her a knuckle sandwich.

In one of the interviews Courtney said, "I could possibly love him forever." Dear Lord, possibly? I'm surprised Courtney didn't turn down the rose so she could keep the ring.
Whoever dressed these girls should simply be shot. Absolutely horrendous. Both of them were wearing capes. Like, Harry Potter capes. If I were ever invited to an "ugly cape party," I think I would wear that exact one that Courtney had on. She reminded me of that Cruella De Vil from “101 Dalmatians.” Who wears long black gloves when they know they’re about to get proposed to? She looked like she was going to a funeral.

I am so happy that this season is over. Ever since the skinny-dipping scene, we knew Courtney was going to win. With so many girls to choose from, Ben chose possibly the worst one. He was warned by many of the girls about Courtney and he dug his own grave. He knew he was choosing her right when she stepped out of the limo and used all the other women for tonsil-hockey practice.
How does Courtney manage to kiss someone with a lip deviation and an overbite?

After the final rose Courtney said, "We have great communication, we really do.”  This is hilarious because Chris asked Courtney if they’re together or not and she changed her answer twice and they said she didn't know what they are.

Ben then walked out on the stage and looked as if he’d been in bed with the flu for a week and hadn't showered. Chris asks Arthur what is going on with him and Courtney and he informs us that the two are happily engaged.

(This is something we all should take notes on. Whenever you are going on national TV to discuss your relationship, sit down with your significant other and make sure you have the same story.)

Chris randomly pulls a ring out of his pocket. Just so happens it’s the same ring Ben gave to Courtney. Somehow, it was magically removed from Courtney's finger and given to Chris! Both Ben and Courtney acted surprised that he had it and then he asked Ben what he wanted to do with it. Terrible acting.

Courtney came on the show and it went just as she planned --- minus the part about America hating her. She won, she came on to get famous, and she did just that. All the girls that got eliminated, they all won too.

After watching the show, they know how Ben is and that he doesn't shower and who would want to wake up next to that every morning? Ben got what he deserved. I wish the two of them the best.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog each week and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. See you in a few weeks when Emily starts her search for some greaseball.

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