Longpre Sheds Locks to Help Cancer-Stricken Friend Photo: Chicago Wolves
26 February 2013

Longpre Sheds Locks to Help Cancer-Stricken Friend

A little change can do some serious good.

One month ago, Chicago Wolves forward Nathan Longpre made a pledge: if he could raise $750 in support of Chicago Wolves Charities by the end of February, he would shave off his long locks. The effort was inspired by the plight of Longpre’s friend and former teammate, Chris Kushneriuk, who was diagnosed with testicular cancer last year at 25.

“It was heartbreaking when I heard,” Longpre said when he launched his fundraising efforts. “I feel I need to be of assistance somehow and to show my support and give this cause everything I can.”

He left it all on the floor – literally – Monday morning at Hair Cuttery in Hoffman Estates, when stylist Fran Zelma buzzed off several inches of hair from Longpre’s head. While his new reflection was a bit of a shock, losing his hair meant Longpre accomplished what he set out to do.

“This feels good. It feels really good,” he said. “It’s obviously a change, but it’s a good change. I can definitely get used to it.”

While Zelma was taming his hair one layer at a time, Longpre commented he was already “feeling lighter” and his mop no longer resembled a “mullet.”

“I haven’t had hair this short in years, probably about six years. Not since I was a young kid,” he said. “I have cut it periodically, but I hadn’t had short hair like this.”

He’s hoping to not be the only one who appreciates his new ‘do.

“My girlfriend was really supportive of me going through with this,” he said. “I hope she’s going to like it. Let’s hope.”

But any trepidation Longpre may have felt over the last month was squashed by thoughts of Kushneriuk.

“I have no regrets about any of this. I was sure of my decision,” he said. “I was so glad to do this for my friend. He’s doing really well now, I think. I’m going to see him soon.”

“This is something I’m really proud of and I hope he’s proud of me for trying to help him through this time of need.”

To donate to Nathan's friend Chris, visit http://chriskushneriuk.org/.